Blogger in Chief

Generally speaking, Tim Cox talks.

But sometimes this radio stalwart lets his fingers do the talking.

Tim is an award-winning radio veteran who’s never hidden his love for music, performing, visual arts and rugby (but that’s a story for another festival) so it makes perfect sense that he premieres this year as Ten Days on the Island’s Blogger in Chief.

Not that this is Tim’s first Ten Days outing. He has been involved in several festival events and was even in the audience for the first performance of ‘Alone It Stands’ – a play about rugby! – at the very first Ten Days on the Island in 2001.

With a handpicked itinerary of festival goodies ahead, look for Tim’s take on some of Ten Days’ hottest ticket items – and maybe that one you haven’t yet heard about.




Gardens of delight with Frida & Derek

Who’d be an impresario, hey? One week of a festival your cast is sweating it out on very warm late summer evenings, the next week it’s distinctly milder early autumn and you’re hoping your decision to stage your new show outdoors is paying off. You can stop hoping, Robert Jarman: you’ve done it (of course). […]

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Food for thought in diverse exhibition

I think a lot about food. Yes, and when you look at me you think ‘and that’s not all you’re doing, fella’ and you’re right on that front. But what do you get when academics and artists are given the same brief for a contemplation of food? You get a thoroughly absorbing and pretty freewheeling exhibition, […]

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Neopolitan delights with strings attached

There’s always a lot of talk, as the days shorten, about the season ahead; ins and outs, prospects to watch. But here’s a tip for you: get along to experience Van Diemen’s Band before too long and you’ll be able to say you had them marked down early for great things. Van Diemen’s Band (VDB) […]

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Islands a Speculation – an appreciation

There is a great deal to like about Islands – a Speculation. Cleverly utilising the excellent space of QVMAG’s main gallery at Inveresk, this immersive show that draws links between island cultures is a contemplative treat. Islands plays on the connections between Tasmania and New Caledonia which, despite being almost 3,000 kilometres apart, have both withstood […]

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BAC in time at Brighton

I reckon I’ve driven past the Brighton Army Camp (BAC) a hundred times or more but today was the first time I’ve stopped there. And while I’ve often thought about the people that have passed through, today was the closest I’ve come to taking a glimpse into their lives. It’s likely a lot of my thinking […]

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Reflections on the Spiegeltent

A piece of advice if you’re planning a trip to the Spiegeltent – go early. Buy a drink, meet your friends and join the queue. It will be long and you will want to have your choice of seats. I saw Songs of the Latin Skies, featuring renowned Aussie vocalist Katie Noonan (ex George) and […]

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The Season: Ten Days’ barnstorming opener

  Stop reading now. Leave this page, head to the booking bit and get tickets to see The Season (Theatre Royal until 19 March). You can – and will – thank me later. The Season is quite simply one of the best shows I have seen at Hobart’s venerable playhouse. It’s the most engrossing, entertaining and significant […]

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