Ten Days on the Island is a not for profit company limited by guarantee.

Ten Days on the Island gratefully acknowledges core funding from the Tasmanian Government, through the Department of State Growth, which the organisation supplements through earned income from ticket sales, investment from business partnerships and sponsorships, and donations from individuals, groups and families.



Individual Donors

Through the Ten Days on the Island’s ‘Islander’ program individuals, families and groups have provided financial support for a particular element of the program for each Festival, usually focused on encouraging greater community engagement and participation.

In 2015 that support gave audiences throughout Tasmania a chance to connect with touring artists through a series of talks, workshops, masterclasses and mentoring opportunities.

If you would like to talk about how you, too, can make a contribution please contact Jane Haley on 03 6210 5700.


Philos Patrons

In Classical Greek, ‘philos’ meant ‘beloved’ and in Modern Greek ‘philos’ becomes ‘friend’.

Ten Days on the Island’s Philos Patrons are, indeed, beloved friends who play a significant role in the development of each Festival through their commitment to nurturing and encouraging the cultural engagement and creativity of Tasmanians.

A key goal for Ten Days on the Island is to strengthen the local arts sector and to preserve Tasmania’s place on the world stage. In collaboration with our Philos Patrons, Ten Days on the Island works to grow the capacity of artists and creative practitioners and to place their performances and exhibitions alongside international works of excellence in the Festival program.

Should you wish to discuss your interest in joining this very special group of supporters please contact Jane Haley on 03 6210 5700.



Partnerships with Ten Days on the Island offer local, national and global businesses the chance to align their brand with a respected leader and acknowledged contributor to the social, cultural and economic prosperity of Tasmania.

Ten Days on the Island provides opportunities for business to engage and reward their staff, customers, suppliers and clients.

Through its investment with Ten Days on the Island a business can build its government, business and community connections and demonstrate its contribution to Tasmanian communities.

Ten Days on the Island would welcome a discussion on how your business could work with us to develop a mutually beneficial partnership – call Jane Haley on 03 6210 5700