A wealth of creativity

Another two years, another great festival. Another program of work by amazing artists. 2017 was marked by outstanding work from…

Portraits in Motion a moving finale

26 March 2017 Blogger in Chief
Is Volker Gerling’s Portraits in Motion art or performance? Or something else again? The premise is simple: Gerling sets off…

Terrapin mixes it up in island delight

26 March 2017 Blogger in Chief
It hadn’t really occurred to me until taking my seat in the Peacock Theatre, that my festival choices so far…

Babel boggles

25 March 2017 Blogger in Chief
To detail what happens inside Babel is to spoil the surprise. And it’s been the greatest, most intriguingĀ surprise of the…

The God That Comes goes off

24 March 2017 Blogger in Chief
I cannot tell how much I have feared this moment. For this is the moment when I have to try…

The Paris Combo quandary

24 March 2017 Blogger in Chief
I can’t be the only person to head home from one of Paris Combo’s Tasmanian shows, surprised to come away…

Gardens of delight with Frida & Derek

22 March 2017 Blogger in Chief
Who’d be an impresario, hey? One week of a festival your cast is sweating it out on very warm late…

Food for thought in diverse exhibition

21 March 2017 Blogger in Chief
I think a lot about food. Yes, and when you look at me you think ‘and that’s not all you’re…

Evening Event for Remanence cancelled

21 March 2017 Alert
Please note that the event advertised for Tue 21 March for the exhibition Remanence has been cancelled.