Gardens of delight with Frida & Derek

22 March 2017 Blogger in Chief
Who’d be an impresario, hey? One week of a festival your cast is sweating it out on very warm late…

Food for thought in diverse exhibition

21 March 2017 Blogger in Chief
I think a lot about food. Yes, and when you look at me you think ‘and that’s not all you’re…

Evening Event for Remanence cancelled

21 March 2017 Alert
Please note that the event advertised for Tue 21 March for the exhibition Remanence has been cancelled.  

Neopolitan delights with strings attached

19 March 2017 Blogger in Chief
There’s always a lot of talk, as the days shorten, about the season ahead; ins and outs, prospects to watch.…

Islands a Speculation – an appreciation

19 March 2017 Blogger in Chief
There is a great deal to like about Islands – a Speculation. Cleverly utilising the excellent space of QVMAG’s main…

BAC in time at Brighton

18 March 2017 Blogger in Chief
I reckon I’ve driven past the Brighton Army Camp (BAC) a hundred times or more but today was the first time…

Reflections on the Spiegeltent

17 March 2017 Blogger in Chief
A piece of advice if you’re planning a trip to the Spiegeltent – go early. Buy a drink, meet your…

The Season: Ten Days’ barnstorming opener

16 March 2017 Blogger in Chief
  Stop reading now. Leave this page, head to the booking bit and get tickets to see The Season (Theatre…

The Season hits Sydney

27 January 2017 Artistic Director's Blog
Our ambitious commission, Nathan Maynard’s The Season, had its first performances at Sydney Festival a couple of weeks ago. It…