Thank You, Volunteers!

Ten Days on the Island cannot thank our fabulous 2017 volunteers enough! You helped us deliver the Festival across our amazing state, something we couldn’t do without you. You helped audiences to their seats, you helped people find their way, you handed out flyers and you minded exhibitions, you talked about the program and you gave us your time, your skills and your support. And for this (and so much more!) we are so grateful to you.


Here are the names of our 116 Ten Days on the Island Festival 2017 volunteers:

Alam, Norin

Anderson, Glenys

Ashton, Danni

Atkins, Liz

Bartlett, Rodger

Barton-Johnson, Suzi

Bassett, Carolyn

Bennett, Maureen

Berridge, Beth

Bethune Moore, Helen

Black, Chloe

Bonner, Felicity

Breadon, Victoria

Brearley-Bayliss, Emily

Briggs, Mary

Buchanan, Pip

Butler, Janet

Clark, Kenneth

Collins, Annis

Copping, Jill

Denehey, Asha

Desai, Sushila

Doi, Emi

Donovan, Margaret

Dorloff, Jessica

Dunne, Antonia

Dyer, David

Eggins, Paul

Ellis, Vanessa

Evans, Leigh

Ewington, Claire

Fischer, Nick

Fyfe, Cindy

Gelston, Dianne

Gelston, Ricky

George, Felicity

Gillie, Sophie

Gilson, Naomi

Green, Christine

Griggs, Fraser

Harvey, Annie

Hay, John

Hay, Sandra

Hesp, Dylan

Honey, Stephanie

Horgan, Cornelius

Hornibrook, Beverly

Horton, Kevin

Howe, Jill

Hurkett, Noelene

Hutcheon, Molly-Kate

Johnson, Catherine

Joyce, Astrid

Karoustadis, Mia-Shania

Kellett, Sandra

Knoop, Judi

Knowles, Amber

Lacey-Laweczko, Susan

Laessig, Lana

Lathwell, David

Liang, Sandy

Lincoln, Frances

Lincoln, Kevin

Lipscombe, Ashley

Matus, Sergio

Mawhood, Prue

McKenzie, Gina

McNees, Steve

Mellor, Barbara

Nixon, Helen

Norton, Kathy

O’Boyle, Heather

O’Keefe, Rodney

Pailler, Léna

Peebles, Daryl

Phillips, Catherine

Ransley, Julie

Rhodes, William

Robson, Martha

Rose, Lynette

Rossendell, Bianca

Rusher, Caleb

Schmid, Andrea

Searle, Debbie

Simon-Green, Martelle

Singline, Paige

Sjardin, Helen

Smith, Chelsea

Smith, Lyn

Splann, Kadee

Steen, Elsje

Stoddart, Roslyn

Styles-Medrano, Khy

Tan, Janine

Tandler, Caroline

Taylor, Carmel

Terry-Chilcott, Cleanna

Thompson, Brandon

Thompson, Robert

Thompson Smith, Ann

Thomsen, Barbara

Thomson, Vera

Thorne, Pam

Townsend, Claire

Vaughan, Bailey

Verschoyle, Elizabeth

Walker, Joan

Warn, Melissa

Wass, Laura

Watkins, Gabrielle

Webb, Rhiannon

Webb, Sharon

Weeding, Matthew

Weeks, Mary

Whelan, Jo

Wright, Nicole

Yeates, Lisa